ITT – Why train with WYTA?

/ITT – Why train with WYTA?
ITT – Why train with WYTA?

At WYTA, our children and their education are at the heart of everything we do.  Our children have the right to a high quality education and deserve the best start in life.  Our trainee teachers are important to us.  We invest in our training programme and our trainees to ensure you have the best start to your teaching career and so are in the best position to give our children the best education possible.

Established in 2014, we now have a strong and diverse network of over 70 partners across all school phases mainly (although not exclusively) in West Yorkshire.

WYTA is led by our two outstanding primary schools Shelley First School and Spring Grove Junior Infant and Nursery School and we are closely supported by a number of very strong secondary strategic partner schools.  We also work in very close partnership with the University of Huddersfield and together we have a real passion for high quality teaching and learning, as well as a very strong history in training the next generation of teachers.

Callum Power Huddersfield Examiner Trainee of the year 2017-18

“I would like to thank everyone at WYTA for their support and guidance this year and without this support I wouldn’t be the teacher I am today”

Callum Power (PE)

Examiner Trainee Teacher of the Year 2017-18

With WYTA you will experience:

  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and 90 Masters level credits
  • a successful, high quality programme (97% of all of our trainees achieved good/outstanding)
  • a small, friendly alliance who get to know you well
  • a dedicated WYTA contact throughout the year and beyond
  • academic experts from the University of Huddersfield
  • additional WYTA training to provide added value and extra support
  • comprehensive mentoring in schools and at university
  • quality assurance visits during your course to ensure high standards and consistency across our partnership
  • strong employment opportunities in our partner schools and further afield
  • a strong focus on your well-being
  • opportunities for school experience before and after your interview
Our 2015-16 secondary trainees at graduation

Our 2015-16 primary trainees finishing their course

Our 2015-16 secondary trainees at graduation

Some  of our 2015-16 secondary trainees at graduation


Throughout my time with WYTA, I have always had the impression that everyone is rooting for you to succeed.

There’s always been someone there to put an arm around your shoulders when things get tough; give you a high five when things go well and burst your bubble when you start getting too big for your boots. And that’s how it should be. Teacher training is tough! There will be times when you think you’ve chosen the wrong profession and start considering that part-time job at B&Q. But then someone reminds you about the progress you have made and the progress your LA group made in your maths lesson last week and the world is all right again. There are times when you think this teaching lark is a piece of cake and then you turn up to deliver an English lesson under prepared and it takes a proverbial kick up the backside to get you back on track.

At WYTA you’re surrounded by people who have been there and done that. And because they have, they understand your pain, your joy and your frustrations.

Mark Tomlinson, 2015-16 Primary trainee
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