ITT – Step by Step guide

/ITT – Step by Step guide
ITT – Step by Step guide

We know there’s a lot to consider before you start your journey to becoming a teacher and below is what we think you need to have in place.  These steps offer generic guidance and don’t necessarily need to be followed in consecutive order, however we make no guarantees that it’s an exhaustive list – everyone’s circumstances are different.

  • Am I sure that teaching is for me?  How do I know?  

    • We strongly advise that you spend some time gaining experience in a school to give you a greater insight into your career choice and help you decide whether teaching is right for you.
  • Do I meet the entry requirements (Degree, A level, GCSE)?

  • Have I got original copies of all my certificates?

  • Have I registered with

  • Have I researched which route into teaching would suit me best?

  • Have I researched which teacher training provider would suit me best?

  • Have I got 2 referees for my application?

  • Have I spoken to a Get into Teaching adviser regarding finance and what’s best for me?

  • Have I submitted my UCAS application in good time?

    • This year, applications open from 09/10/18
    • No official deadlines but when we’re full, we’re full – can be as early as Christmas for popular subjects, can be as late as June for more shortage subjects
  • Have I booked/passed the literacy and numeracy Professional Skills tests ?

  • Have I been offered an interview?

    • Interview preparation should include understanding the national curriculum for my subject.
  • Have I been offered and accepted a place?

  • Have I got details of the compulsory induction day?

  • Have I got contact details and sufficient key information/reading until I start the course next September?

  • Most importantly, do I know who to talk to for help?

“the support I have had from WYTA has been outstanding”

Tom Reeve, 15-16 Geography trainee
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