ITT – Our course structure

/ITT – Our course structure
ITT – Our course structure

In school (approx 75% of your time)

You will be immersed in all aspects of school life, putting into practice the theory and learning that is provided by your university learning and giving you hands-on experience of:

  • your subject(s) and curriculum
  • classroom practice including how to manage behaviour
  • the role of a form tutor
  • the wider school community

In university (approx. 25% of your time)

You will explore and develop a deeper understanding of a wide variety of educational and professional issues including:

  • how young people learn
  • behaviour management theories
  • creative and innovative teaching methods

Your additional training

We supplement your school and university learning with our own training to enhance your experience and make sure you’re ready for life as a teacher.

It is important that you are able to gain an understanding of progression in learning across all key stages so whichever route you choose, you will also spend a short amount of time in the key stages before and after the ones you have selected whether this be in nursery or in a sixth form college. You will also have focused experiences such as Special Educational Needs and Alternative Provision.

Unlike a SCITT who usually provide training one day a week for the course duration, we operate a ‘front-loaded’ modular or block system. Although our primary and secondary courses have slightly different models, each has blocks of time in university (September and January) and blocks of time in school. We believe our approach supplements in-school training, develops new learning and supports the PGCE qualification, allowing you:

  • concentrated time to focus fully on new learning away from the pressures of school and the classroom to build a strong network of friends and peers to support you from the outset
  • to ease gently into school life
  • more concentrated time in school later in the course
  • to experience every day of the week in school, rather than missing the same day every week

The Schools Direct route is brilliant….the connection with the PGCE is brilliant; Huddersfield are very supportive and the secondary school course is structured well.

I think being schools direct has made my teaching practice more secure, I feel I have always been supported consistently and when needed support/advice is always given.

Overall I think the route ensures outstanding support and mentors and schools strive to make an impact on your professional development within the practice.

Amy Bell, 2014-15 Secondary trainee

The WYTA training course offered me invaluable classroom experience alongside engaging and informative lectures at Huddersfield University.  My time spending a number of difference schools on placement gave me a real taste of what to expect in my teaching career.

Dale Butler, 2016-17 Primary trainee
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